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Why Acupuncture Is A Better And Safer Solution Than Opiates

Did you know...The number of deaths from opioid-related overdoses in Monroe County and surrounding counties went from 11 in 2011 to 206 as of last year? 169 of the deaths were in Monroe County alone. And as each day passes, the number of overdose deaths increases. Dawn's Acupuncture offers a better way-- 100% natural and 100% safe!

What Are Opiates?

Over two million people in the U.S. are suffering from substance use disorder as a result of prescription opiate pain relievers. This number has skyrocketed since the 1990’s to epidemic proportions, and will continue to do so unless people become educated on this topic. Opiates are powerful and dangerous drugs derived from the poppy plant. These drugs, even when prescribed by your doctor, can be extremely detrimental to your health. Even 3-4 days of prescribed opiate use can result in lifelong consequences

10 Reasons to NOT use Commonly Prescribed Opiates
(Oxy (Oxycodone), Hydocodone, Morhpine, Vicodin, Codeine, Fentanyl)

1) Addiction: Compulsive use the drug despite the consequences. At this point it seems impossible to stop, even if you want to.

2) Withdrawal: A physically and emotionally painful experience. Includes symptoms like: restlessness, muscle cramps, diarrhea, and hallucinations.

3) Gateway Drugs: 3 out of every 4 heroine users were prescription opiate users. Prescribed use of opiates leads to a larger addiction.

4) Sleep Problems: Sleep apnea: breathing stops periodically, hypercapnia: increases heart rate, blood pressure, and may cause an arrhythmia are just a few examples.

5) Testosterone in Men Decreases by 50%: Opiate use of even a couple of days can result in decreased fertility, decreased libido, and muscular weakness.

6) Abnormal Heart Rate, Heart Failure & Heart Attacks: 77% higher risk of cardiovascular events.

7) Damages the Immune System: Notable immunosuppressive effects.

8) Bloating, Constipation & Hemorrhoids: 63% of users experience constipation.

9) Reduced Amount of Oxygen that Reaches the Brain: Hypoxia can cause permanent psychological and neurological damage, and can even induce a coma. Also users are 10x more likely to require inpatient mental health services.

10) Overdose/Death: Out of the almost 20k opiate overdoses in a single year, more than ¾ were due to prescription painkillers.

10 Reasons to Try Acupuncture

1) Assists with Recovery from Addiction: By stimulating the body’s own opioids, acupuncture can mirror the benefits of opiates without the risk of side effects. Acupuncture is inexpensive, prevents relapses, and is safe for pregnant women.

2) No Withdrawal: The only craving is for another appointment, to continue the healing process.

3) Gateway to Serenity: Taking a minute to treat your body and mind is crucial. Make an appointment to become a better version of you.

4) Treats Sleep Issues: Instead of being treated with more drugs, acupuncture addresses specific points on the body, physical rest, and mental quietude for the mind.

5) Re-awaken & Energize the Self-Healing Capacity of the Body: Acupuncture treats more than the symptoms and is able to “self-medicate” with releases of endorphins and dopamine triggered because of the body’s healing potential.

6) Excellent for Stress Relief: Slowing your body’s production of stress hormones, allows your mind to alleviate anxiety and depressive feelings.

7) Support & Strengthen the Immune System: Acupuncture not only treats the symptoms of a weakened immune system, but also addresses the root of the problem to help prevent future issues.

8) Treats Gastrointestinal Issues: The stomach and spleen are associated with anxiety and stress. Acupuncture helps diffuse the stress and heal the gastrointestinal issues.

9) Supports Circulation and Balance Throughout Your Body: Acupuncture unblocks the qi and reinstates harmonious circulation and balance throughout the body.

10) No Deaths Have Been a Result of Acupuncture: One of the oldest practices of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture has been established and effective for over three thousand years. 100% natural, 100% safe.